Presentations and Bios

Below are presentations and bios from the CPUC's Dec. 11 and 12, 2017, Electric Rate Forum to discuss innovative rate design concepts to facilitate better integration of renewable energy, lower costs for electricity consumers, and more efficient use of storage and other demand management technologies. 



Day 1: Cost Drivers in the Electric Industry and the Use of Demand Charges for Non-Residential Customers

Economic Fundamentals of Electricity Rate Design for Commercial & Industrial Customers - Severin Borenstein (UC Berkeley) 

Review of Current Commercial and Industrial Rate Structures and the Rates and Tariff Elements of the DER Action Plan - Bob Levin (CPUC) 

Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) Whitepaper on Commercial Rate Design - Smart Non-Residential Rate Design Presentation - Carl Linvill & Jim Lazar (RAP) 

Panel 1: Recovering System Level Capacity Costs: Generation and Transmission


Panel 2: Deep Dive into Transmission Rates: To What Extent is Transmission Capacity Determined by Peak Load?


Panel 3: Distribution Cost Recovery: how do Cost Drivers Change at Different Levels of the System and How Should Geographically Diverse Time-Varying Costs Be Recovered with Uniform Tariffs?


Panel 4: Distributed Energy Resource Providers' and Customers' Perspectives


Day 2: Real-Time Pricing, Other Advanced Rates, and Load Management Technologies


 Panel 1: Design and Implementation of Real-Time Pricing and Other Advanced Dynamic Rates


Panel 2: "Prices to Devices" and Other Load Management Technologies: Interaction with Dynamic and Real-Time Rates


Panel 3: Experience with Advanced Dynamic Rates in Other Jurisdictions



Day 2: Additional References

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