Licensing News and Updates

February 10, 2020: Transportation Carrier Call Center Open for Calls Beginning February 12, 2020

Beginning February 12, 2020, CPUC’s Transportation Licensing team is expanding its availability for questions regarding pending applications, equipment updates, or general questions by establishing a new Transportation Carrier Call Center: 1-800-877-8867. Dedicated staff will be available to answer calls on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00 – 3:00 PM, and will follow up on voice messages left outside of those hours. In addition, Licensing staff may continue to be reached via email at:

July 1, 2019: Ten Cent "Access for All Fee" Assessed on TNC Trips Beginning July 1, 2019

Beginning on July 1, 2019, pursuant to CPUC Decision 19-06-033, transportation network companies (TNCs) are required to collect a ten cent ($0.10) fee on each TNC trip in California. The funds generated from the fee support the expansion of on-demand transportation for non-folding wheelchair users who require a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). By adopting the fee, CPUC implements Senate Bill (SB) 1376 (Hill, 2018) the "TNC Access for All Act", that requires the Commission to develop a program relating to accessibility for persons with disabilities as part of its regulation of TNCs. Implementation of SB 1376 occurs in CPUC Rulemaking 19-02-012.

July 1, 2018: Transfer of Authority of Household Goods, Private Carriers, Vessels for Hire, Commercial Air Operators

Effective July 1, 2018, the CPUC will no longer regulate Household Goods, Private Carriers, Vessels for Hire, and Commercial Air Operators will be transferred to other state and local agencies. This change was enacted by Senate Bill No. 19 and was approved by the Governor on October 02, 2017. Click here for contact information regarding the new agencies that will be regulating each authority.

June 1, 2018: Effective Immediately on Carrier Equipment Listing with the Commission

Individuals and one-owner LLC’s and Corporations without employees will be permitted to have and maintain two (2) vehicles. The term “employee” is defined here as a non-manager-member (LLC) and non-officer (Corp). Requests to add more than two (2) vehicles must include a reason justifying the additional vehicle, and may result in the CPUC requiring the filing of an active workers’ compensation insurance policy.

April 18, 2017: Alert on Scams!

The CPUC is aware that active carriers and new applicants for a permit or certificate from the CPUC are being contacted by unknown people outside the CPUC. The call looks like it is coming from a CPUC phone number and the caller claims to be a CPUC employee. The caller states that additional money ($100-$2,000) must be paid by wire transfer, over the phone with a credit or debit card, or with iTunes gift cards, or the application (or current permit or certificate) will be suspended or denied. This is a scam! The CPUC does not place telephone calls to solicit extra funds to complete new applications or renewals, or to demand additional quarterly or annual fees. If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from the CPUC, do not, under any circumstances, provide any information over the phone to the caller. You may contact the CPUC License Section at to verify the legitimate issue outstanding. You may also report the call, any information provided by the caller, and your observations to law enforcement. For more information, refer to the “Telephone Scam Alert Notification” post.

March 7, 2017: New Requirements Regarding Workers' Compensation Insurance Under AB-2883

New requirements regarding workers’ compensation insurance under AB 2883, effective January 1, 2017, will affect corporations, LLCs, and general partnerships in regards of excluding workers’ compensation coverage. Review our AB2883 letter regarding the new requirements to ensure you are compliant to the new rules.

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