Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in January 2018 to repeal net neutrality rules that require Internet service providers to treat websites and online services equally. In essence, the FCC's rollback means that Internet service providers can control Internet traffic and have the ability to charge certain websites for faster download speeds.

The CPUC has long urged the FCC to keep the non-discriminatory rules adopted in 2015, which are consistent with California's continued efforts to promote fairness in the telecommunications market. The CPUC further urged the FCC to ensure States' abilities to promote competition and advance universal service in the telecommunications market, preserve public safety, and ensure the continued quality of telecommunications services.

The CPUC continues to be committed to the notion that consumers should have fair and equal access to the Internet.

Read the CPUC's comments filed with the FCC that raise concerns regarding possible consequences to the federal Lifeline program, utility pole safety, consumer privacy rights, and access to the Internet by persons with disabilities: 

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