2019-2020 IRP Events and Materials

IRP Inputs to 2021-2022 Transmission Planning Process (TPP)

Portfolios & Modeling Assumptions for the 2021-2022 Transmission Planning Process  

LSE Integrated Resource Plans

Links to LSE Plans

IRP Filing Requirements

Filing Requirements Overview, 6/15/2020

Filing Requirement Overview (red-lined from May 2020 version), 6/15/2020

Narrative Template, 6/15/2020

Narrative Template (red-lined from May 2020 version), 6/15/2020

Resource Data Template, 6/15/2020

ELCC assumptions used within the Resource Data Template (for information only), 5/12/2020

Clean System Power Calculator (formerly "Clean Net Short Calculator"), 6/15/2020

Ruling Finalizing Load Forecasts and GHG Benchmarks, 4/15/2020

1/16/2020 Webinar recording - Filing Requirements' Templates,1/21/2020

Filing Requirements' Questions and Answers, updated 8/11/2020

IRP Citation Program, 8/7/2020

Reference System Plan Decision and Materials

Final Decision, 4/13/2020

Proposed Decision, 2/21/2020

2019-20 Inputs and Assumptions, 2/27/2020

2019-20 Inputs and Assumptions (red-lined from November 2019 Proposed RSP version), 2/27/2020

RESOLVE models inputs and results, 3/26/2020

Modeling Assumptions for the 2020-2021 Transmission Planning Process  

Unified RA and IRP Modeling Datasets 2019

Astrape Battery Storage ELCC Analysis for IRP RESOLVE Model Use, 2/21/2020

Updated Criteria Pollutant Analysis, 2/21/2020

RESOLVE and SERVM annual energy and emissions comparison summary for RSP, 3/16/2020

Proposed Reference System Plan

Proposed Reference System Plan Ruling and Materials, 11/6/2019

Busbar Mapping Methodology for 2019 IRP - Staff Proposal, 10/18/2019

Busbar Mapping Methodology 10/8/19 presentation

Preliminary Modeling Results

10/8/19 Preliminary Results Workshop  

RESOLVE model and documentation

Preliminary Results presentation  

Calibration presentation  

Unified RA and IRP Modeling Datasets 2019

Modeling Advisory Group

Project Charter for the 2019 IRP Cycle

Webinar 6 - 12/09/2020 - IRP Model Improvement and GHG Ground-truthing

  • Objective: Inform stakeholders about the recent IRP model improvements and the results of comparing actual and modeled GHG emissions and dispatch
  • Presentation slides
  • Webinar recording

Webinar 5 - 8/27/2020 - Offshore Wind Resource Profile and Technology Costs

Webinar 4 - 5/22/2020 - Resource-to-Busbar Mapping for 2020-2021

Webinar 3 - 04/15/2020

Webinar 2 - Proposed Reference System Portfolio

Webinar 1 - 06/17/19

Scenarios Development 

Ruling Seeking Comment on Proposed Scenarios for 2019-2020 IRP
Attachment A
Attachment B
Webinar Info & Materials (02/28/19)

Inputs & Assumptions Development

Ruling Seeking Comment on Inputs and Assumptions for 2019-2020 IRP
Attachment A
Attachment B
Webinar Info & Materials (12/7/18)

Draft Data Sources

Draft Data Sources for Supply-side Resource Modeling 
Compilation of Informal Stakeholder Comments on Supply-side Sources  

Draft Data Sources for Demand-side Resource Modeling and System Parameters
Compilation of Informal Stakeholder Comments on Demand-side Sources (coming soon)

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