Public Workshop: Statewide Marketing, Education, and Outreach (A.12-08-007)

 January 8, 2019
9:30 AM to 5 PM

California Public Utilities Commission

Golden Gate Room

505 Van Ness Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94102

Conference Phone Line:  866-660-2389
Participant Code:  937-2559

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Meeting number: 713 007 044

Meeting password: !Energy1

Proceeding A.12-08-007 is providing direction to the Statewide Marketing, Education and Outreach program known as “Energy Upgrade California” (EUC). Decision 16-03-029, from September, 2016, states “…we endorse and establish a collaborative, record-based process to be followed by the statewide implementer, local program administrators, and other stakeholders to develop … Annual Joint Consumer Action Plans. …  We direct the statewide implementer and other stakeholders to ensure that this process results in final ‘deliverables’ including (1) revised strategies to implement the adopted short- and long-term goals of the program; (2) revised measurable objectives to determine success in implementing the strategies; (3) specific metrics to be used to evaluate the progress and success of the program; and (4) the five-year Strategic Roadmap and the first Annual Joint Consumer Action Plan (JCAP).” Currently, the program implementer, DDB, is implementing the second year JCAP.

Since D.16-03-029, the CPUC has, in D.17-12-023, directed the implementer (DDB) to expand the EUC campaign messaging to include impending time of use (TOU) rates that the electric utilities will be rolling out in the future. In addition, D.18-09-044 in the net energy metering successor tariff proceeding (R.14-07-002), suggested the JCAP process would be the appropriate venue to consider whether EUC would be the appropriate channel to design an Energy Division-drafted information packet for potential residential solar customers.

The focus of the January 8, 2019 workshop will be the development of the Year 3 (2019 to 2020) JCAP, the integration between the EE and TOU messaging in the EUC campaign, and the potential involvement of EUC in the production of the solar information packet.  

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Workshop Materials

Workshop Agenda - Statewide MEO - January 8, 2019

CPUC's Energy Division slides - January 8, 2019 MEO Workshop

DDB Presentation - JCAP workshop, January 8, 2019

Opinion Dynamics MEO Evaluation Plan - Jan. 8, 2019

Solar Info Packet PPT for MEO JCAP - January 8, 2019




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