Application Renewal Process

The CPUC requires all California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) participants to renew their applications every three to five years to recertify their eligibility for CTF discounts. This process applies only to entities with approved CTF applications. Community-based organizations will be notified to renew at least every three years, while other participants will be notified to renew at least every five years. The participants that are required to renew include:

  • 9,088 Community-based Organizations (CBOs)
  • 1,083 Public Schools
  • 1,033 Public School Districts
  • 1,440 Private Schools
  • 393 Libraries
  • 11 Library Consortia
  • 172 Government Owned and Operated Hospitals and Clinics
  • 46 California Community Colleges
  • 50 California Community College Districts

Recertification begins in September 2019 for select groups of participants and is anticipated to continue through 2022.

Any entity that wishes to participate in the program and does not have an approved CTF application must apply as a new applicant and consult the CTF Applicant and Participant Guidebook for submission instructions.

Information for Participants

Application Renewal Steps

The application renewal process begins when a participant receives a notice from the CPUC with instruction to renew its application. This notice is sent to the contact on record by email and postal mail. Entities that receive the notice have 30 days from the date of the notice to submit a new application. Entities that do not submit an application, complete the application renewal process or are found ineligible will be removed from the CTF program 90 days from the notice date. Current CTF application numbers will be voided during the application renewal process.

Application Renewal Timeline

Application Renewal Timeline  

Application Renewal Process

Generally, an application includes a completed application form, an IRS 501(c)(3) letter, and the most recent IRS Form 990, in addition to other information and documents required for specific entity categories. For information on the required documentation for each category, please consult the CTF Applicant and Participant Guidebook.

Upon receiving a complete application, CTF staff will send an acknowledgment letter to the contact on record acknowledging receipt. If an application is incomplete, the application will be sent back to the applicant. CTF staff will review complete applications within 30 days of acknowledgment and send a disposition letter upon completion of review. This process is further elaborated in the table below.


 Application Renewal Process Breakdown

Step   Process Description 
1 Notice of Application Renewal Participant receives a notice directing submission of an application within 30 days of the date of the notice.
2 Application Submission Participant submits application and required documents to the CPUC.
3 Intake Review Application is reviewed for completeness.
4 Acknowledgement of Application If the application is complete and includes all required documents, the participant will be sent an acknowledgment letter.
5 Return of Incomplete Application If the application is incomplete, the application will be returned.
6 Full Application Review
Participants must complete all parts of the application, including the worksheet on qualifying services for community based organizations. If application is complete but more information is required for review, the participant will be sent a deficiency letter.
7 Disposition of Application Staff will make a determination of eligibility and assignment of CTF number. The participant will be sent a disposition letter.

Application Renewal Schedule

Application Renewal Schedule

Information for Carriers

Carriers will receive a notice stating that their customers are scheduled for application renewal. Carriers will be notified regarding:

  • The group of participants that are being recertified,
  • Schedule of recertification, and
  • The results of recertification of the group.

Participants that are approved by the application renewal process will be eligible to continue receiving CTF discounts. Approved participants will be provided with new CTF numbers. Participants deemed no longer eligible will have their eligibility revoked, and carriers must discontinue the CTF discounts of those participants. Carriers are obligated to assure participants are eligible by referring to the List of Approved CTF Participants on the CPUC website.

To ensure CTF program compliance and avoid interruption of discounts, carriers are encouraged to work with their customers to complete their application renewal process on time.


Please direct questions regarding the application renewal process by email to or by phone to:

• Wylen Lai at (415) 703-2616, or
• Joanne Leung at (415) 703-1149.

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