Tariff Filing Requirements

General Order 96-B § 3.15 Definition: "Tariffs" refer collectively to the sheets that a utility must file, maintain, and publish as directed by the Commission, and that set forth the terms and conditions of the utility's services to its customers; "tariffs" may also refer to the individual rates, tolls, rentals, charges, classifications, special conditions, and rules of a utility.

Information on Telecommunications Tariffs

Tariff and Rates

Tariff Changes or Updates (Including Initial Tariff Filing)  

A change or update to the company's tariff requires filing of an Advice Letter. The appropriate Advice Letter filing tier varies by type of tariff change or update being made. For additional information regarding the appropriate tier for various types of tariff changes or updates refer to General Order 96-B Telecommunications Industry Rule 7.1 through 7.3.

Carriers who have not been granted detariffed status must submit to the Communications Division via an Advice Letter a tariff within 12 months of being granted a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) or the carrier's certificate will be cancelled.

Annual filing of Tariffs

Pursuant to P.U. Code Section 489(a), all Telecommunication carriers that are required to file a tariff on annual basis by February 13 of each calendar year. Annual Tariff filing are NOT filed via the Advice Letter process.

  • January 6, 2020: Annual Notice to All Telecommunications Carriers (PDF download)  

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