Transportation Carrier Portal Carrier Survey FAQ


1. Why is the CPUC changing its transportation carrier licensing process?

The CPUC is automating its transportation licensing process in order to provide more efficient and effective service to carriers and enhance its ability to protect passengers. 

For example, the new online licensing system will significantly reduce the paperwork carriers need to submit for applications and renewals.  The new system will speed up notifications to carriers when there are errors or omissions in their applications and renewals.  The new system will enable carriers to update their licensing data, drivers list, and equipment list, in real time. Instead of having to mail documents to the CPUC, carriers can use a website to process their requests.  It will be a much more streamlined, automated process.  

2. Why is the CPUC asking me to fill out a survey?

 The CPUC wishes to understand if carriers will be ready to move to an automated licensing system.  We want to identify if carriers have access to technology, and are comfortable using technology, so that all carriers can successfully transition to the new process. Also, the CPUC appreciates that transportation carriers are diverse ranging from a single driver to large corporations and we want to identify which carrier groups may need additional support.  

3. Who is going to see my survey responses? 

The CPUC team responsible for building the new transportation licensing system will compile the survey results in aggregated form.  CPUC transportation licensing and enforcement staff will not see the raw data from the surveys.  

4. How will my survey answers get used? 

The CPUC team responsible for building the new transportation licensing system will analyze the carrier responses to develop outreach and training plans to support carriers.  The survey information will help the CPUC identify when, where, and how to contact carriers with information and materials about the new system, so that each and every carrier can successfully use the technology once it goes live.  Survey responses will not be used for licensing or enforcement purposes.

5. What if I don't submit a response to this carrier survey? 

 Fewer carrier responses mean that the CPUC's outreach and training plans may not be as effective, and that carriers won't be as ready to use the system once it goes live.  We strongly encourage you to submit a response to the survey!

6. Will my survey response be kept private?

The carrier survey is being administered using Google Forms, not a secured website.  The survey does not ask about personal, private, or confidential information, and you can skip a non-required question if you consider it too invasive.  never submit personal, private, or confidential information using Google Forms.

7. Some of the survey questions ask about my gross revenue from last year and other numbers.  What if I can't remember? 

Please enter your best estimates when answering each survey question.

8.  Will the CPUC share the survey results with carriers or the public?

No, the survey results will used only to inform the development and implementation of the new licensing system.  It will not be made public.

9.  When will I hear more about the new system? 

The CPUC will develop an outreach and training plan for carriers, based on what we hear in the survey.  Carriers can expect to get more information about opportunities to ask questions and get answers about the new system in the months ahead.  In addition, the CPUC will be contacting carriers with information about training sessions and downloable documents to help carriers through this transition.

10. I have more questions about this new licensing system - who can I call? 

Contact the CPUC's Transportation Carrier Call Center (1-800-877-8867) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00-3:00 PM.  You can also email your inquires to: or    

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