Guidelines for Voice Data Submission

The Voice Data Request will be sent to California broadband providers on or before March 1st of each year, outlining any instructions or changes in our data collection process. Please submit your data in accordance with the data request instructions by the submission deadline, April 1.

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code §§ 311, 314, and 716, inter alia, and Decision D.16-12-025, all communications providers certificated and/or registered with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), that also file Form 477 with the Federal Communications Commission, shall submit annually to the Communications Division by April 1st, broadband subscriber and deployment data at a Census Block level as of the prior calendar year’s end in a form as designated by Communications Division Staff. Only Mobile providers may submit broadband subscriber data at the Census Tract level. All providers may fulfill the subscriber reporting requirement by submitting subscriber data at the more granular street address level. Please note that census block reporting should be based on the 2020 census block boundaries (see shapefile link below).

Data Current As Of                       
CPUC Deadline For Submission
2021 December 31, 2020 June 1, 2021

Who Should Submit Data

Providers subject to Decision D.16-12-025 must submit voice subscription and availability data
For resellers and wholesalers, there are instructions below on how to report end user and wholesale lines

Where and How to Submit Data

Via Secure FTP: please use our Secure FTP Link   
Via Email (3 MB or less only):

Files and Formats for Data Submission

• Voice Availability By Address: Data Format | Voice Availability by Address Workbook
• Voice Availability by Census Block: Data Format | Voice Availability by Census Block Workbook
• Voice Subscribers by Address: Data Format | Voice Subscribers by Address Workbook
• Voice Subscribers by Census Block: Data Format | Voice Subscribers by Census Block Workbook
• Mobile Voice Subscribers by Census Tract: Data Format | Voice Subscribers by Census Tract Workbook  

2020 Census Block Geography

For census block reporting, use the US Census Bureau 2020 vintage geography:


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