Rulemaking 21-02-014 to Address Energy Utility Customer Bill Debt Accumulated During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This proceeding will examine the need for arrearage relief tied to the COVID-19 period, with consideration of appropriate parameters, cost estimates, and potential funding sources.



  • Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling of Feb 26, 2021 providing updated data and telephone line for remote Prehearing Conference
  • Assigned Commissioner’s Scoping Memo and Ruling of March 15, 2021 issuing workshop agenda including proposal areas to be developed, directing parties and stakeholders to indicate proposal area preferences
  • Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling of April 2, 2021 Inviting Responses to Post-Workshop Questions and Extending Filing Dates of Briefs
  • Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling of April 5, 2021 Directing Utility Action to Leverage Federal Funding for Arrearage Relief




Data from Related Proceedings or Related Filings

  • Small and Multi-Jurisdictional Utilities (SMJU) Annual California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)/Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Reports
    • Southwest Gas 2019
    • Alpine Natural Gas 2019
    • West Coast Gas 2019
    • Pacificorp 2019
    • Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) 2019
    • Bear Valley Electric Service 2019
  • Environmental and Social Justice (ESJ) Communities
    The CPUC’s first Environmental and Social Justice Action Plan described Environmental and Social Justice Communities as follows:
    • “The Commission is creating an Environmental and Social Justice document to provide a broad look at communities that have long been underserved. ESJ communities are commonly identified as those where residents are:
      • Predominantly communities of color or low-income
      • Underrepresented in the policy setting or decision-making process
      • Subject to a disproportionate impact from one or more environmental hazards
      • Likely to experience disparate implementation of environmental regulations and socio-economic investments in their communities
    • They also include, but are not limited to:



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