Workshop - Advanced DER & Demand Flexibility Management

Post-Workshop Feedback Requested

Presentations and recording from this workshop hosted on May 25, 2021 (see description below) are now posted (please see links in the Agenda below).

Energy Division (ED) invite stakeholders to submit informal written comments. The comments should be emailed to the public service list associated with R.12-06-013, which can be found in the CPUC’s online docket. This is a closed proceeding but is being used for commenting purposes. Comments should be sent by June 11, 2021.  To receive copy of comments submitted by another party, please subscribe to the above specified service list - instruction for subscribing to a CPUC service list can be found here.

All stakeholder feedback will be reviewed and considered by ED Staff in informing the development of a written white paper based on the staff proposal previewed at the workshop.  The paper is expected to be released at a later date (TBD) during the summer. As noted during the workshop, Energy Division expects to recommend that the CPUC open a rulemaking to consider the Staff proposal described in the whitepaper.


May 25, 2021 from 9AM to 4:30PM 

Energy Division (ED) Staff host a virtual exploratory workshop on May 25, 2021 to discuss ideas for advanced distributed energy resources (DER) and flexible load management, leveraging new system-wide retail rate reforms, and load modifying demand response proposals. 

With increasing penetration of renewables, grid conditions are evolving rapidly. At the same time, the state's aggressive clean energy goals are driving rapid growth in customer DER adoption, long-term building decarbonization, and transportation electrification. The CPUC's Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) scenario analyses indicate that customer demand flexibility can be a cost-effective alternative for renewables integration and emissions reduction.  

At this workshop, ED Demand Response and Retail Rates Staff jointly previewed a proposal for a comprehensive roadmap to facilitate widespread flexible demand management while minimizing the cost of service that addresses: 

  1. Communication of rates to customers and third-party service providers, while accommodating rate designs from utilities & CCAs.
  2. Opt-in dynamic rate based on real-time, locational marginal cost of electricity.
  3. Rate reforms (opt-in) related to generation and distribution capacity cost recovery and compensation for DER exports.
  4. Options for customers to manage & optimize energy consumption and bills, such as subscription and transactive features.

ED invites interested stakeholders to engage with these presenters and provide constructive feedback. Some CPUC Commissioners and or their advisors are expected to attend.

For questions, please contact

Workshop Recording

The recording of the workshop can be found at this link:
Password: XkaDJrp3

Workshop Agenda

Time* Duration (min)
Agenda Item
9:00 am
30 minutes
- Logistics & Safety Andrew Magie - Demand Response, ED
- Commissioner Remarks  Commissioner Houck
- Workshop Overview Paul Phillips, Retail Rates, ED
9:30 am
90 minutes
  Presentations - Energy Division  
- Recent Developments  Masoud Foudeh, Retail Rates, ED
- Proposed Roadmap for DER &
  Flexible Management
 Aloke Gupta, Demand Response, ED
11:00 am 60 minutes   Q&A  
12:00 60 minutes   Lunch  
1:00 pm 15 minutes   Presentation - CEC  Karen Herter
1:15 pm 15 minutes   Presentation - CAISO  Delphine Hou
1:30 pm 30 minutes   Presentation - CUB  Sarah Moskowitz & Jeff Zethmayr
2:00 pm 30 minutes   Presentation - Recurve  Carmen Best
2:30 pm 105 minutes   Comments & Feedback  Workshop Participants
4:15 pm 15 minutes   Closing remarks, Next steps  Paul Phillips, Retail Rates, ED
4:30 pm     Close  

*Times in Pacific Daylight (Los Angeles, California)
ED = Energy Division
CPUC = California Public Utilities Commission
CEC = California Energy Commission
CAISO = California Independent System Operator
CUB = Citizen Utility Board (Illinois)

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