Operation Lifesaver

In America, about every three hours a person or vehicle is struck by a train. Operation Lifesaver, a volunteer organization founded in 1972, believes that the majority of these incidents are preventable. Through the “Three ‘E’s” of Operation Lifesaver—education, enforcement and engineering—volunteers aim to end collisions and the resulting fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights of way.

ROSB railroad safety inspectors and support staff volunteer throughout the state, providing presentations to schools, community organizations, driver’s education classes, bus driving workshops and trucking organizations, as well as educating the public at weekend events such as festivals and safety fairs. CPUC rail safety staff take part in Officer on the Train and other enforcement events with local law enforcement to promote compliance with state motor vehicle laws and penal codes on railroad at-grade crossings and rights of way.

During the 2013-14 fiscal year, CPUC rail safety staff made 49 Operation Lifesaver presentations, reaching a total of 2,158 people. Presentations have been targeted toward areas where new train traffic will be introduced in the near future to raise awareness that tracks that were unused for years will become active with train traffic again.

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