Electric Facilities Safety Audit Reports Archive

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2019 Audits

2019 Electric Distribution, Transmission and Substation Audits

PG&E - Moss Landing Substation
SCE - Victorville Distribution
SCE - Vincent Substation
PG&E - Table Mountain Transmission
PG&E - Mission Distribution
SCE - Santa Barbara

Supplemental Report 10/18/19

SDG&E - Eastern Distribution
SCE - Ontario Distribution
Anaheim Public Utilities Department Distribution
SDG&E - Metro   Distribution
PG&E - San Francisco Distribution
SCE - Fullerton Distribution
LADWP - North District Transmission
LADWP - Van Nuys Distribution












 2019 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP) Audits

Comcast - Sacramento  

  2018 Audits

2018 Distribution Level

 SCE - Antelope Valley  

 SCE - San Joaquin Valley 

 PG&E - North Bay 

 PG&E - Sierra 

 PG&E - Sonoma 

 Lassen Municipal Utility District 

 Surprise Valley Electrification Corp. 

 PG&E - Humboldt 

 SDG&E - Beach Cities 

 SCE - Catalina Island 

 SCE - Whittier 

 PG&E - Los Padres 

 Anaheim Public Utilities 

 Azusa Light and Water 

 City of Ukiah 

 PG&E - Vaca-Dixon 

 Riverside Public Utilities 

2018 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

 Charter Communications - Malibu 

 2017 Audits

2017 Distribution Level

2017 Distribution Level Audits
SCE - Blythe
SCE - Ridgecrest
PG&E - Yosemite 
Redding Electric Utility 
Sacramento Municipal Utility District 
PG&E - Diablo 
SCE - Kernville 
LADWP - Lincoln Heights
Liberty Utilities 
SCE - Long Beach  
SCE - Thousand Oaks 

 2017 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

2017 Communication Audits
Charter Spectrum - Riverside OS

 2016 Audits

2016 Distribution Level

2016 Distribution Links
Alameda Municipal Power  
PG&E - De Anza 
PG&E - San Jose 
Merced Irrigation District 
Burbank Water and Power
Turlock Irrigation District 
SCE - Tehachapi 
Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District 
SCE - Huntington Beach 
PacifiCorp - Crescent City
Glendale Water and Power
SCE - Arrowhead 
LADWP - West


2016 Substation Level

2016 Substation Links
LADWP - North 
Lassen Municipal Utility District 
SDG&E - Eastern 
Liberty Utilities 
PG&E - Bakersfield 
SCE - Orange County and Lighthipe 

2016 Transmission Level

2016 Transmission Links
PG&E - Moss Landing 
Imperial Irrigation District - El Centro 
PG&E - Midway 
Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Co-op 
PG&E - Victor 

2016 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

2016 CIP Links
Bright House Networks
Comcast North Bay 
TDS Telecom 
Charter Communications 
Consolidated Communications 
Volcano Communications
Frontier Communications
ExteNet Systems 
Frontier Communications 
Time Warner Cable 
Charter Communications 
Time Warner Cable 



2015 Audits

2015 Distribution Level

Distribution Links

SCE Covina

PGE Sonoma  

 o    Feb. 1, 2016: PG&E’s Response 

o    Attachment 1 from PG&E’s Response 

o    Attachment2 from PG&E’s Response

o    Attachment 3 from PG&E’s Response 

PGE Central Coast

SCE Menifee

SCE South Bay

PGE Fresno 

SCE Montebello 

City of Colton 

City of Lompoc 

Truckee Donner PUD 

City of Gridley 

City of Biggs 

PGE Peninsula

SDGE North Coast

SCE Santa Ana

Silicon Valley Power Santa Clara

City of Palo Alto


2015 Substation 

Substation Links

Pasadena Water and Power

Trinity PUD

PGE Hayward

SCE Devers


2015 Transmission Level

Transmission Links

PGE Humboldt 

PGE Metcalf

Trinity PUD

SCE Eastern Grid  


2015 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)


CIP Links

 Charter Redding 

 AT&T San Mateo 

Verizon San Bernardino 

 AT&T San Luis Obispo 

 San Simeon Community Cable 

 Cox Communications South San Diego 

 AT&T Trinity 

 Comcast West Bay 

 Crown Castle Northern California 


 2014 Audits

2014 Distribution Level


SCE Palm Springs

Modesto Irrigation District

PG&E Kern

LADWP Central

PG&E Mission


SCE Dominguez Hills

SCE Ventura

Healdsburg Electric Department

SCE Santa Monica

SCE Redlands

PG&E Humboldt

SCE Foothill

LADWP Northridge

PG&E San Francisco

SCE Saddleback

SDG&E Orange

Vernon Municipal

SCE Valencia

PG&E North Valley

SDG&E Northeast

Banning Electric Department

Pasadena Water and Power

PG&E Sacramento

PG&E East Bay

2014 Substation

SDG&E North

LADWP Los Angeles Metro

SCE Ventura

PG&E Pismo Beach

NV Energy Lake Tahoe

Sacramento Municipal

PacifiCorp Yreka

Imperial Irrigation District

Bear Valley Electric

2014 Transmission Level

SCE Ventura

PG&E Sacramento

NV Energy Lake Tahoe

PacifiCorp Yreka

SDG&E North

2014 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

Charter Long Beach

Comcast South Bay

Cox Santa Barbara

Verizon Desert Hot Springs

Time Warner Orange

Charter Burbank Glendale

AT&T Ventura

Verizon Orange

Frontier Susanville

Verizon Malibu

Suddenlink Bishop

AT&T Valley


2013 Audits

2013 Distribution Level

Lodi Municipal Electric

SCE Barstow

PG&E North Bay

        o June 21, 2013: PG&E’s Response

Moreno Valley

SCE Bishop  

Anza Electric Coop

PG&E Los Padres

Imperial Irrigation District

LADWP Wilmington

Riverside Utilities Department

SCE Shaver Lake

SCE Fullerton

Bear Valley Electric Service

PG&E Stockton

Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Coop

PacifiCorp Yreka

PG&E Sierra

PG&E De Anza

2013 Substation

SDG&E Beach Cities

PG&E Daly City Martin HQ

SCE Mesa and Mira Loma

2013 Transmission Level

SDG&E North San Diego and South Orange

PG&E Pismo Beach

SCE Metro East

2013 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

Frontier Blythe

Crown Castle Los Angeles

AT&T Solano

Sprint Los Angeles

Verizon Fresno

Charter Victorville

AT&T Imperial

Orion Cablesystems

AT&T Wireless Los Angeles

Time Warner South

Verizon Orange

Verizon Wireless Ventura

Comcast San Joaquin

Sebastion Corp


2012 Audits

2012 Distribution Level

SCE Kernville

SCE Victorville

SCE Monrovia

SCE San Joaquin

PG&E Yosemite

LADWP Lincoln Heights

Ukiah Municipal

LADWP Van Nuys

Redding Electric

Shasta Lake

SDG&E Beach Cities

Liberty Energy Lake Tahoe

Lassen Municipal

Surprise Valley Alturus

SCE Antelope Valley

SDG&E Eastern

PG&E San Jose

SCE Ontario

SCE Catalina

SCE Wildomar

Trinity Public Utilities

Anaheim Public Utilities

SCE Blythe

Azusa Light and Water

Needles Electric

PG&E Peninsula

SDG&E Metro

SCE Whittier


PG&E Diablo

SCE Long Beach

SCE Ridgecrest

2012 Transmission Level

PG&E Daly City and Fresno

SCE Metro and North Coast

PacifiCorp Del Norte


2012 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

AT&T Los Angeles

Horizon Cable

AT&T San Francisco and Alameda

Verizon Los Angeles

Cox North San Diego

Catalina Cable

Charter San Gabriel Valley

Verizon Wireless Los Angeles

Bright House Bakersfield


2011 Audits

2011 Distribution Level

SCE Santa Barbara

SCE Tehachapi

SCE Huntington Beach

PG&E Central Coast

SCE Yucca Valley

SCE Arrowhead

Burbank Water and Power

PG&E Sonoma

Glendale Electric

PG&E East Bay

PG&E Sacramento

LADWP West Los Angeles

Alameda Power

Sacramento Municipal

Mountain Utilities (Kirkwood)

Biggs Electric

Gridley Municipal

Turlock Irrigation

Merced Irrigation

PG&E Fresno

PG&E North Valley

2011 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

T-Mobile Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino

Cricket Communications San Diego

Volcano Telephone

TDS Telecom

ExteNet South


2010 Audits

2010 Distribution Level

SCE Metro West

LADWP Central

SCE Covina

PG&E Stockton

SCE Montebello

SCE Thousand Oaks

SDG&E Northeast

SCE Santa Ana

Pasadena Water and Power

PG&E De Anza

Vernon Municipal

LADWP Northridge

SCE South Bay

SCE Foothill


Silicon Valley Power Santa Clara

Palo Alto Electric



PG&E San Francisco

PG&E Kern

2010 Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP)

Time Warner North

Charter Malibu

Charter San Joaquin

AT&T South

Verizon Manteca Lathrop

Surewest Sacramento

Astound Peninsula (Wave)

Comcast Sacramento Roseville

Cox Santa Barbara

Verizon Camarillo


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