CPUC Senior Leadership


CPUC Senior Leadership Email Phone Number
Executive Director
Rachel Peterson (this position reports directly to the CPUC’s Commissioners) Rachel.Peterson@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 757-7844
News and Outreach Office
Kelly Huston, Deputy Executive Director Kelly.Huston@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 327-6789
Terrie Prosper, Director Terrie.Prosper@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2160
Safety Enforcement and Policy
Danjel Bout, Director for Safety Policy Division Danjel.Bout@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 713-4141
Lee Palmer, Director for Safety and Enforcement Division Leslie.Palmer@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2369
Safety and Consumer Protection
Maryam Ebke, Deputy Executive Director Maryam.Ebke@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2271
Doug Ito, Director for Consumer Protection & Enforcement Division Douglas.Ito@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 713-4132
Roger Clugston, Director for Rail Safety Division Roger.Clugston@cpuc.ca.gov (213) 308-7698
Wildfire Safety Division
Caroline Thomas Jacobs, Director Caroline.ThomasJacobs@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 894-5607
Communications and Water
Vacant, Deputy Executive Director (916) 823-4829
Robert Osborn, Director for Communications Division Robert.Osborn@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 327-7788
Terence Shia, Director for Water Division Terence.Shia@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2213
Energy and Climate Policy (Energy Division)
Edward Randolph, Deputy Executive Director Edward.Randolph@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2083
Pete Skala, Director for Procurement, Efficiency, and Electrification Pete.Skala@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-5370
Simon Baker, Director for Costs, Rates, and Planning Simon.Baker@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-5649
Administrative Services Division
Michelle Cooke, Acting Deputy Executive Director Michelle.Cooke@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 823-4833
Human Resources Division
Cris Rojas, Deputy Executive Director Cris.Rojas@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 894-5632
Utility Audits & Risk and Compliance Division
Angie Williams, Director Angie.Williams@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 327-0578
Office of the Commission
Saul Gomez, Deputy Executive Director Saul.Gomez@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 327-6789
Grant Mack, Acting Office of Governmental Affairs Director Grant.Mack@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 327-1418
Information Technology Services Division
Fredrick Gomez, IT Director Fredrick.Gomez@cpuc.ca.gov (916) 823-4791
Administrative Law Judges Division
Anne Simon, Chief Administrative Law Judge (this position reports directly to the CPUC’s Commissioners) Anne.Simon@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2014
Legal Division
Arocles Aguilar, General Counsel (this position reports directly to the CPUC’s Commissioners) Arocles.Aguilar@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2015
Office of Internal Audit Services
Vacant, Hiring in Progress (this position reports directly to the CPUC’s Commissioners)    
Public Advocates Office
Elizabeth Echols, Director Elizabeth.Echols@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2381
Tribal Advisor
Kenneth Holbrook Kenneth.Holbrook@cpuc.ca.gov (415) 703-2782



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