California Solar Initiative Workshops

The PUC's California Solar Initiative (CSI) decision anticipated a number of workshops to explore outstanding program issues.

  • December 18, 2013:  Workshops on AB 217 – MASH Program and PBI Acceleration

    The CSI program administrators (PAs) hosted two workshops on Wednesday December 18th at PG&E’s Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco. Specifically, the two items discussed at these workshops were: 1) proposed changes to the Performance Based Incentive (PBI) program and 2) the implementation of Assembly Bill 217 (Bradford, 2013) for the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program. These workshops did not discuss the implementation of or details about the other portions of the CSI program.

    Workshop Invitation | AB 217 Workshop Agenda | AB 217 Workshop Slides | PBI Acceleration Workshop Agenda | | PBI Acceleration Workshop Slides

    Minutes:  AB 217 Workshop Minutes | PBI Acceleration Workshop Minutes

  • April 23, 2013:  Workshop to implement CSI-Thermal incentives for new technologies, and add solar pools

    The CSI-Thermal program administrators (PAs) hosted a workshop to implement Decision D.13-02-018 which authorized new technologies to be included in the program and introduces the performance based incentives (PBI) payment scheme.  The PAs will present a straw man proposal and invite comment and discussion.  The workshop also addressed Assembly Bill (AB) 2249, which authorized inclusion of solar heating for swimming pools (except single family residences).

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