GO 167 Compliance Audit


As part of the Electric Safety and Reliability Branch’s (ESRB) responsibility to ensure compliance with General Order (GO) 167, a team of ESRB auditors regularly conduct comprehensive audit of power plants through performance data analysis, record review, field inspection, and plant staff interview. If ESRB auditors find any non-compliance with GO 167, the power plant must take corrective action(s) to remedy the deficiency or face enforcement actions by the CPUC.

The entire audit process consists of three main phases:

  • Planning Phase – ESRB auditors prepare for a GO 167 audit through thorough research and review of the selected power plant’s outage history, safety-related incidents, performance data, maintenance and operation summary plans, procedures, and any major or reoccurring problems.
  • Plant Visit Phase – ESRB auditors spend at least one week at the plant site to evaluate its programs and procedures for compliance with GO 167. Auditors conduct the bulk of the field work during the plant visit through equipment inspection, personnel interview, and observation of plant operations and practices.
  • Report and Resolution Phase – ESRB auditors report on GAO’s compliance with GO 167 standards, and request correction of any deficiencies found during the audit. Auditors will issue a preliminary report, a final report, and a Commission resolution during this phase.


GO 167 Audit Report and Resolution

The GO 167 compliance audit program is an on-going process. The list of current and completed audits will be updated often.

Current Audits:

  • Los Esteros
  • Gateway
  • Redondo Beach
  • Inland Empire

Completed Audits:

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