About the CPUC Energy Division

Description of Energy Division

The CPUC's Energy Division develops and administers energy policy and program to serve the public interest, advise the Commission, and ensure compliance with the Commission decisions and statutory mandates. The Energy Division provides objective and expert analyses that promote reliable, safe and environmentally sound energy services at lowest reasonable rates for the people of California.

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Lead Staff

Energy Division Director - Edward Randolph
Deputy Director - Simon Baker, seb@cpuc.ca.gov
Deputy Director - Pete Skala, ska@cpuc.ca.gov

Demand-Side Management Group

Demand Response, Customer Generation, and Retail Rates Branch, Bruce Kaneshiro, bsk@cpuc.ca.gov  

  • Retail Rates, Paul Phillips, psp@cpuc.ca.gov
  • Demand Response, Aloke Gupta, ag2@cpuc.ca.gov  
  • Customer Generation Programs, including Self Generation Incentive Program and California Solar Initiative, Shannon O'Rourke, sr6@cpuc.ca.gov or Customer Generation staff

Energy Efficiency Group

MEEPs, Residential Programs and Portfolio Approval, Commercial Programs and Program Evaluation, Industrial/Agricultural Programs and Portfolio, Jennifer Kalafut, jmk@cpuc.ca.gov 

  • Industrial/Agricultural Programs and Portfolio Forecasting, Peter Lai, ppl@cpuc.ca.gov 
  • Residential Programs and Portfolio Approval, Alison LaBonte, lb6@cpuc.ca.gov 
  • Commercial Programs and Portfolio Evaluation Oversight, Jeorge Tagnipes, jst@cpuc.ca.gov  
  • Metered Energy Efficiency and Emerging Programs, Hal Kane, hk1@cpuc.ca.gov

Utility Planning and Oversight Group

Market Structure, Electric Cost and Natural Gas Branch, Dorothy Duda, dot@cpuc.ca.gov  


 Infrastructure Planning and Permitting Branch - Molly Sterkel, mts@cpuc.ca.gov 

  • Generation and Transmission Planning (including Long-Term Procurement issues), Paul Douglas, psd@cpuc.ca.gov   
  • Grid Planning and Reliability, (including Smart Grid), Gabriel Petlin, gp1@cpuc.ca.gov  
  • Infrastructure Planning &  CEQA (including Environmental Review), Mary Jo Borak, bor@cpuc.ca.gov
  • CEQA and Energy Permitting:  Water, Gas, and Energy, Lonn Maier, lm4@cpuc.ca.gov
  • Senior Utilities Engineer (UE) Supervisor, Justin Regnier, jr7@cpuc.ca.gov


Procurement Strategy and Oversight Branch - Judith Ikle, jci@cpuc.ca.gov 

  • Renewables Portfolio Standard, Cheryl Lee, cnl@cpuc.ca.gov or other RPS team
  • Emerging Procurement Strategies (including Climate Change, CHP, Electric Vehicles), Amy Mesrobian, ak1@cpuc.ca.gov 
  • Resource Adequacy and Procurement Oversight, Michele Kito, mk1@cpuc.ca.gov
  • Energy Resource Modeling, Donald Brooks, dbr@cpuc.ca.gov  
  • Transportation Electrification, Sara Kamins, smk@cpuc.ca.gov

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