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How do I locate job openings at the CPUC?

If you are reachable on the eligible list, you can apply for open positions at the CPUC. The CPUC web site lists open positions on the Job Opportunities web page.   Once you locate an open position in which you are interested in applying, you must submit an online employment application to the CPUC. 

You may also print out your online application and submit it to the address indicated on the Job Bulletin notice.

What is an eligible list?

An eligible list consists of applicants who have passed all parts of the examination and can be considered for employment, based on their score. Generally the top three ranks (highest scores) are considered immediately employable and will be contacted first.

How do I know what rank I'm in?

When you receive your notice of exam results, it will indicate your total score and the rank on the list this score represents. If you are in Rank 1, 2, or 3, you can immediately begin looking for job openings/vacancies. However, even if you are in lower ranks, you could become reachable as hires are made, and employment preferences for individual positions are not selected by persons in higher ranks.

If you receive an employment contact letter from the CPUC HR department, that means your name was certified on the eligible list and you are probably reachable for consideration for that position. Again, due to employment preferences, you may be contacted as reachable for one position and not be reachable for another position.

What is a contact letter?

When the CPUC uses an employment list to fill an open position, it sends employment contact letters to the individuals on the eligible list to determine if they are interested in a position. Some important information you should know about employment contacts are:

  • It is very important that you respond to all employment contacts. If you do not respond, your name can be removed from the active eligible list and be placed inactive.
  • Generally, on open employment lists, an eligible is only allowed three waivers of employment contacts. A waiver is charged when you respond as not interested to the employment contact. If you reply that you are interested in a position and you are not hired, a waiver is not charged.
  • If you get a contact letter, you must respond by the date indicated on the letter to be considered for the position. If you do not respond by the date indicated, the department does not have to consider you for the position. Even if the date for responding has passed, you should always return the contact letter with your response.
  • If you are placed on the inactive list or your name is removed due to excessive waivers, you will be sent a notice stating that your name has been removed from the eligible list. To find out if it is possible to reactivate your name, you must write to the CPUC.

What information should I include on my application?

The application you submit for an job bulletin is a reflection of your ability to read, understand and follow directions, as well as your ability to present complete and accurate information. Carefully fill out your application and answer all questions.

You may include a resume with your application to describe in detail your education and experience; however, be sure to include the following information directly on the application form, in the event the resume gets separated from the application: the job title of each job you held, the employer you worked for, the dates you worked in each job, whether the job was full-time or part-time, and the number of hours worked each week.

Print out a copy of your application and the Job Bulletin for your records.

If you require Reasonable Accommodation to take a written test or interview, please check the appropriate box on the online application form.

What can I expect to occur in the job interview?

You  will interview with hiring managers and subject matter experts in the area in which there is an opening.  The panel typically consists of 2 – 3 people.  

How will I know I passed the interview?

Once you have completed the interview, you will receive notice about whether you have or have not been selected for the particular opening.  If you have been selected, a representative from Human Resources will call you to extend a formal offer and process necessary paperwork, before finally establishing an official start date.  If you have not been selected, you will be notified by the Division and encouraged to apply for other positions that are open at the Commission.  

Do I need to complete a separate application for each open Job Bulletin?

Yes, but you can simply submit the same data to multiple exams without re-entering any of your data. You should continue to update information on your application so that it reflects your changing work experience/education. 

Can the online application be used to apply for other state jobs?

No, this application is exclusively for CPUC exams.  The application contains the same information as the state employment application form.  If you have previously submitted an application to SPB or another State Agency, we are not able to view your information.
I’m not computer literate.  How can I apply for an open Job Bulletin at
the CPUC?

You may have a family member, friend, or trusted associate who is computer literate, who can assist you in entering your application.
Human Resources staff can answer specific questions about the online application.  Please contact the online application assistance team at, or call 1-800-555-7809

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