ROSB Inspectors

In addition to enforcing California State Public Utilities Code (PUC) and CPUC General Orders (GO), ROSB inspectors also enforce Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations in a state/federal enforcement partnership.

ROSB currently has about 40 federally certified inspector positions, which are divided into the FRA’s five railroad disciplines:

  • Operating Practices
    Enforce regulations for main, branch and yard train operations, including hours of service, carrier operating rules, employee qualification guidelines, and carrier training and testing programs to enforce compliance with railroad occupational safety and health standards, accident and personal injury reporting requirements, and other requirements
  • Track
    Enforce regulations for track construction, maintenance and inspection activities
  • Signal & Train Control
    Enforce safety rules on signal system construction, maintenance and inspection activities
  • Motive Power & Equipment
    Enforce safety rules on locomotives, freight and passenger rail cars, air brakes, and other safety appliances maintenance and inspection activities
  • Hazardous Materials
    Enforce regulations for the rail movements of hazardous materials, such as petroleum and chemical products; and inspection of hazardous materials shippers


ROSB has exceeded federal standards at the state level by also including inspectors who also specialize in:


To contact ROSB regarding potential safety issues, see Contact Information. Please note your location and provide a detailed description of the issue.

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