The Joint Reliability Plan Proceeding


The JRP proceeding (R.14-02-001) was opened in February, 2014 to:

  • “consider policy proposals to refine California’s existing reliability framework for electricity procurement,”
  • “ensure that California’s electric reliability framework continues to adapt as needed to meet the changing requirements of the electric grid”

Background Material:

The proceeding has 3 tracks:

  • Track 1: Considering multi-year RA requirements
  • Track 2: Developing a Long Term Reliability Assessment
  • Track 3: Considering the California ISO’s development of a market-based backstop mechanism to replace its Capacity Procurement Mechanism.

Policy Development

Staff held two workshops on Track 1 of the JRP in May 2014.  In October 2014, the Assigned Commissioner and ALJs issued a ruling releasing a Staff Report, covering four pivotal issues related to reliability, and presenting options for multi-year Resource Adequacy requirements. The party comment following this report led to a ruling “suspending” Track 1 until further notice.

In Track 2, Staff released a Concept Paper in March 2015 and held a workshop in April 2015.  Staff is currently working towards the development of a Long Term Reliability Assessment proposal.

Policy development related to issues within the scope of Track 3 have occurred through the CAISO’s stakeholder initiative on the CPM. Track 3 of this proceeding is now closed.


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