• Legal Division

    The Legal Division supports the General Counsel in her role as attorney to the Commission.  The General Counsel, working with the legal staff, represents and appears for the people of the State of California and the commission in all actions and proceedings involving any questions under the Public Utilities Code or under any order or act of the commission. 

    The Division provides legal advice for a variety of clients:  the Commission, ALJ Division, Energy Division, Division of Water and Audits, Office of Ratepayer Advocates, Communications Division, Safety and Enforcement Division, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division, the Office of Governmental Affairs and handles Public Record Act Requests and Subpoenas. 

    The Legal Division is committed to providing high quality, timely legal services to all of its clients.

  • We advocate on behalf of and advise the Public Utilities Commission and its staff for the ultimate benefit of all Californians, striving to ensure that:

    • Commission decisions and processes comply with the law, and
    • regulated entities provide the public with safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable services at reasonable rates.
    The Legal Division is a diverse, respectful, and collaborative team of lawyers and support staff providing high quality legal services to the Commission and its staff.  We do challenging and creative legal work, ensure fully-informed and well-reasoned decisions based on the record and advocate effectively in all forums.

    JUSTICE - We strive to achieve fair processes and just results.

    PROFESSIONALISM - We provide high quality legal services to all of our clients, creatively and in a timely manner, treating all people and interests with respect.

    TEAMWORK - We – attorneys, support staff and managers – foster a supportive work environment and work cooperatively within Legal Division and with other divisions and agencies.

    JOB SATISFACTION - We enjoy our work, encourage professional growth and initiative, and are recognized and respected for our contributions and accomplishments.  


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