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    The California Public Utilities Commission through General Order 156 gives active help and encouragement to the development of programs to increase the participation of women, minorities, and disabled veterans business enterprises in the procurement of contracts from utilities. To that purpose, under the leadership of Commissioner Timothy Alan Simon, New Connections was established as a collaborative between the CPUC, women, minorities, and service disabled veterans business enterprises, and investor-owned utilities with a transactional focus to increase procurement.

    New Connections has held quarterly symposiums covering topics including diverse financial services; certified public accountant services; clean technology; and legal services.

  • New Connections #18: Pasadena, CA


    Financial Services and Energy Procurement


    On Friday, August 24, 2012, Commissioner Simon hosted the New Connections Symposium on financial services and energy procurement at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena.  August 24, 2012 New Connections SymposiumOver 100 people were in attendance. There were two roundtable discussions and they focused on:


    • The Commission’s new financing rule and other financial service opportunities for WMDVBE bankers:
      • The utilities provided information on their plans to implement the new rule and their plans to make transparent future opportunities for WMDVBE bankers.
      • The WMDVBE bankers provided their impression on the new financing rule – its effectiveness in maintaining lowest cost of funding for issuing utility bonds; and meaningful involvement of WMDVBE firms in utility bond financings.
    • Energy procurement and energy infrastructure financing for WMDVBE energy suppliers.
      • The utilities discussed their company’s energy procurement practices consistent with the requirements of GO 156. The discussion included:
        • Electrical Procurement
        • E-Generation
        • Storage
        • S-CHP
      • The bankers discussed the requirements of their investment firms to underwrite energy financing deals.
    • The bankers discussed the requirements of their investment firms to underwrite energy financing deals.


    We had a representative from the Clearinghouse to address CPUC certification. According to the instant feedback from the attendees, the Symposium was a success. As well, there was time for networking amongst the participants and highly placed utility employees.  


  • CPUC Public Hearing on Supplier Diversity


    Photographs of Commissioner Timothy Alan Simon at the California Public Utilities Commission’s Public Hearing on Supplier Diversity on October 4, 2012, at USC, Los Angeles. 



    Photo from Public Hearing on Supplier Diversity on October 4, 2012, at USC, Los Angeles     CPUC Public Hearing on Supplier Diversity Photo 3    Supplier Diversity Hearing 121004 


  • New Connections #17: Washington, DC

    Utility Marketplace Access



    In Feb 2012 Commissioner Simon inspired a panel discussion on Historic Black Colleges/Universities (HBCU) and Workforce Readiness of the Utility Industry. The Historic Black Colleges/Universities panel discussed workforce readiness activities within the utility industry in preparing the requisite workforce. Additionally, the panel discussed inventorying, assessing green job demands, diverse and inclusion opportunities, wages, skills, and competencies for such jobs.


    Chairman Harold D. Williams, Morgan State University and PERI Institute of Technology have formed an International collaborative to prepare engineering students to address the global needs with Engineering, IT, Clean Tech, and other solutions. This serves as an example of how to bring about newly trained diverse professionals to make them available to the industry.   

    New Connections #17 Photo 

    Pictured (L-R): Dr. Eugene DeLoatch, Dean, Morgan State University; Sarav Periasamy, Chairman-PERI IT; Harold Williams, Chair-NARUC Subcommittee on Utility Market Access (UMA) and Commissioner - Maryland Public Service Commission; Timothy Simon, Member-UMA Subcommittee, Chair-NARUC Committee on Gas, Commissioner-California Public Utilities Commission.

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