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The RPS Calculator was used to develop plausible portfolios of renewable resources needed to meet the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard in future years for the purpose of generation and transmission planning.  The role of the RPS Calculator has been replaced by the new Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process.  For more information on the development of the new IRP process, please see the IRP events and materials page here.

 The Renewables Portfolios Standard (RPS) Calculator is a modeling tool that develops plausible portfolios of renewable resources that meet California's 33% targets by 2020.  The model incorporates information about resources contracted to California utilities as well as theoretical potential to develop renewable resources throughout California and the Western Interconnection.  The model evaluates candidate resources based on their cost, performance, transmission requirements, environmental and permitting requirements, and value to California electric ratepayers.  Multiple portfolios can be developed based on user-specified sort parameters.


 2016 Special Study

2016 RPS Portfolios

RPS Calculator V6.2 

Land Use and Process Alignment Considerations

RPS CalculatorV6.1

50% RPS Energy Only Special Study

Previous Versions of the RPS Calculator


Please contact Forest Kaser (forest.kaser@cpuc.ca.gov) with any questions.

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