Anand Durvasula serves President Batjer as a Legal and Energy Policy Advisor.

Anand joined the Commission in 2014 and most recently served as Legal and Policy Advisor to Commissioner Liane M. Randolph, focusing on Federal energy litigation, administrative law, and state policy involving energy procurement and markets and energy infrastructure safety and reliability.

Previously, Anand served as staff counsel at the Commission, representing the advocacy divisions in energy, water, and safety litigation. He has also served as a senior analyst in the Utilities Enforcement Branch, investigating CEQA non-compliance, and in the Office of Ratepayer Advocates, working on transmission planning and electric vehicle policy.

Before joining the Commission, Anand worked as an attorney at a medical device start-up and as a law clerk for the Office of Administrative Law Judges at the U.S. Department of Labor. Anand holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University and a J.D. from Santa Clara University.

Contact Information:, 415-703-3307