General Timeline for Citation Appeal Life Cycle




Citation Issues

Industry Division(s) at the Commission issues citation usually via U.S. Mail to the individual/company.

Pay or Appeal

You can pay the citation amount or appeal the citation.

Note: If you do nothing, the citation penalty may increase, or your license may be revoked.

Time to File Appeal

Review the specific citation program’s time to appeal here.

Depending on the type of citation, you may have 20 or 30 days. You can request an extension of time to file an appeal. Review the Citation for information on how to request an extension of time.

File Appeal

Using the templates here, file the appeal with the Commission’s Docket office (must be accepted). The Industry Division has 14 days to file a Compliance filing after the appeal is accepted (Rule 7, Appendix A of ALJ-377).

Notice of Hearing

Parties (Appellant and Defendant) will be notified at least 10 days in advance of the hearing (Rule 10, Appendix A of ALJ-377). The notice of hearing will come via an Email Ruling from the assigned Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Prior to Hearing

Exchange evidence/documents pursuant to the Email Ruling setting the hearing.

Note: Parties may settle at any time prior to hearing. Please inform the assigned ALJ via email if a settlement is reached prior to hearing.

Remote Hearing Held

The hearing can range in length of time, but usually does not last more than 4 hours.

After Hearing

Approximately 60-90 days after the hearing, a resolution on the outcome of the hearing will be place on the Commission Meeting Agenda.

Appeal Time Quick Reference Excel

Here is a quick reference to citation programs and their appeal times: Citation Programs and Appeal Time

For a more accurate timeline please review ALJ 377 Appendix B.

Updated as of October 1, 2021