The Tribal Land Transfer Policy allows for the transfer of land from investor-owned utilities to Native American tribes with a historical interest in the land. When a utility begins the process of disposing of land, the policy creates an expectation that the utility will work with the California Native American Heritage Commission to identify any tribes whose ancestral territory the land is on or adjacent to this particular land. Once the utility identifies any interested tribe or tribes, the company is expected to negotiate a transfer to the tribe before putting the land on the market. This policy, which the CPUC developed after comment from utilities and tribes, furthers the CPUC's goals of recognizing and respecting native sovereignty, and of returning tribal lands to their rightful owners.

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Tribal Consultation

Kenneth Holbrook, Tribal Advisor
Appointed as CPUC Tribal Advisor in 2020, Kenneth Holbrook is a member of the Atsugewi Band of the Pit River Tribe, as well as the Maidu Tribe. He has served Tribal communities for the past 24 years during his various roles while working for Tribal governments, Tribal NGOs, and their partners and representatives. Kenneth holds a Bachelor’s degree in American & African History from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Tribal Outreach

Stephanie Green, Tribal Liaison
Office (415) 703-5245 / Cell (415) 265-9757 

Hector Garcia, Local Government Liaison
(916) 215-9675

Karen Eckersley, Tribal Communications Services Liaison

Additional Contacts
For use by Tribes, and official Tribal representatives who wish to engage in a formal government-to-government Tribal Consultation with the CPUC, to simultaneously contact the CPUC Office of the Commission, the CPUC Executive Director, the CPUC Legal Division, the CPUC Tribal Advisor, and the Director of Government Affairs.
For use by Tribes, Tribal representatives, Tribal organizations and advocates, and individual Tribal People (whether a citizen of a Federally Recognized Tribe, or otherwise,) to simultaneously contact the CPUC Tribal Advisor (Kenneth Holbrook), the CPUC Tribal Liaison (Stephanie Green), and our Tribal Business & Community Officer (Hector Garcia) for general inquiries and information requests.