Below are links to audiocasts of CPUC Voting Meetings and other meetings from April 2004 through present. The names of the files show the date on which the audiocast was made using the format YYMMDD.  Multiple recordings on the same day have a letter appended to end of the date (e.g. 050128 and 050128b). Please note that you can change the sort order of the list by clicking on the column name (e.g. to show most recent dates at the top, click the name column until the direction arrow points up).

The files are in an anonymous FTP archive, which can only be accessed by Internet Explorer or Firefox. The browsers should allow you to access files without having to use any type of login ID and/or password. If you are prompted to supply a login ID and password, use the word anonymous as the login ID and your email address for the password (we do not keep track of that information).