Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Permits Issued

To Check a AV Carrier's insurance and current status, visit

This webpage provides copies of the Autonomous Vehicle Pilot permits that the CPUC has issued.  The table below shows each company's TCP number, carrier name, dba name, and provides a link to their exemption request (if applicable).

TCP Number Carrier Name dba Name Exemption Request Exemption Renewal
TCP 38380 Zoox, Inc. Zoox Yes N/A
TCP 38539 Autox Technologies, Inc. AutoX N/A N/A
TCP 38723, Inc. Yes N/A
TCP 38152 Waymo LLC Waymo Yes Yes
TCP 39036 Aurora Innovation, Inc. Aurora Innovation N/A N/A
TCP 39080 Cruise LLC Cruise Yes N/A
TCP 39235 Voyage Auto, Inc Voyage N/A N/A

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