Pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission Decision 16-04-021, the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) discounts for voice services will be reduced from 50% to 25%. Entities in unserved and underserved areas are eligible to apply for a Voice Exemption. The first step in the Voice Exemption process is to determine whether your organization is located in an unserved/underserved area. You can check the status of your entity’s location by accessing the California Broadband Map:

  1. Click the House icon on the right hand side of the webpage and the search engine for the address will appear.
  2. Enter your physical address, city and zip code and click Locate.
  3. After clicking Locate, please review the location to see if it correctly displays the address you entered. If the displayed location is incorrect, please click on “Related Address” tab which will display other address(es) that may be a better match for your location.
  4. Verify the correct location is displayed on the map, click on the Layer icon above the green arrow icon.
  5. Check to see if the gray Broadband Availability tab is expanded, and check the Wireline Served Status box only. All other check boxes should be blank.
  6. Your location will be displayed on a map. If your location is in a green area, your location is served and not eligible for the Voice Exemption. If your location is in a red area or yellow area your entity is eligible to apply for the Voice Exemption.

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Revised 6/3/2016