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    Look-Ahead Report of Upcoming Procurement Opportunities


    Contracting Opportunities can now be found on the State of California’s E-Procure website. Opportunities that the commission currently has available will be listed below and will include the name of the opportunity, the “Event ID” number and the end date.

    To download a copy of the opportunity, you must visit the E-procurement website and search for bids.  You can search for the opportunity, by using one (or all) of the following criteria and clicking the search button:

    •  Event ID -- shown in the listing below
    •  Event Name -- the contract number (just the RFP/RFQ portion )  
    •  Department  -- enter 8660

    Results will appear at the bottom of the page.


    Contract Number and Name


    Event ID#


    End Date



    Secondary Request for Proposal (RFP) No. 20NC0636 for Wildfire Mitigation Plan Guidelines and Program Support - The CPUC's Wildfire Safety Division (WSD) requires electrical corporations to submit comprehensive Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMPs) every three (3) years, with annual updates required in off-cycle years. The WSD provides guidelines for these submissions to electrical corporations through a regulatory process with stakeholder engagement on an annual basis. The Contractor will, through consultation with WSD program staff, develop the final annual guideline update to the 2020 WMP cycle and produce comprehensive guidelines for the three-year 2023 WMP cycle. In addition, the Contractor will support WSD staff to evaluate WMP submissions in 2022 and 2023. Finally, the Contractor will provide a continuous improvement report at the end of the contract period.

    0000018724 03/23/2021  2:00PM PST


    Event Name and Description: Secondary RFP 20NC0640 Wildfire Safety Compliance Assurance Services

    - To meet the requirements of Senate Bill (SB) 901, Assembly Bill (AB) 111 and AB 1054, the CPUC is seeking a contractor to perform safety inspections of new and existing electric distribution and transmission systems with a focus on high fire threat zones.
    0000018378 02/23/2021  2:00PM PST
    Link: https://www.caleprocure.ca.gov/event/8660/0000018198


    Event Name and Description: American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation Services

    -This Invitation for Bid (IFB) requests cost proposals from firms that specialize in providing ASL Interpreter Services which include American Sign Language (ASL), tactile interpreting, and other forms such as Pidgin Signed English (PSE), Signed Exact English (SEE), Cued Speech, and Oral Transliteration of sign language interpreting commonly used in the United States. Providing ASL Interpreter Services will be in person and via video/remote throughout the state of California.
    0000018198 01/19/2021 2:00PM PST

     Link: https://www.caleprocure.ca.gov/event/8660/0000018010  

    Event Name and Description: Secondary RFP 19NC1663 Phase 3 - Railroad Crossing Inventory    

    Description: This is Phase 3 of a comprehensive, statewide analysis and inventory of crossings in California.  The CPUC identified 776 crossings to be inventoried in Phase 3. The CPUC is soliciting services from qualified consulting engineering contractors who wish to be considered to provide professional services to conduct a systematic inventory update of both the CPUC and the FRA highway-rail crossing databases at the identified public, at-grade crossings throughout the State of California.

     0000018010 01/19/20  4PM PST
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