Workshop on Impacts of COVID-19 on Energy Customers and Customer Programs


November 12, 2020 Workshop on COVID Impacts on Customers in the Energy Sector

Save the date: November 12, 2020, 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

The CPUC is hosting a public workshop to assess the continued impacts of COVID on customers and explore innovative solutions to address the most pressing customer needs.

If you need an additional accommodation or modification to participate in the meeting, or if you wish to make a comment in Spanish, please make a request by contacting by November 4, 2020.


Meeting materials:


April 23, 2020 Workshop on COVID Impacts on Customer-Oriented Clean Energy Programs

Energy Division held a public webinar to seek input on the challenges faced by industries focued on customer-oriented clean energy programs during the COVID-19 crisis and to identify possible solutions.

The shelter-at-home directives and the prohibitions on non-essential work and travel, while essential for public health, may negatively impact California’s customer-oriented programs aimed at advancing clean energy. Some of these impacts may be short term and may dissipate once the emergency orders are lifted, while others may be long term and may disrupt the ability of these industries to meet program goals for years to come. Many of the disruptions may impact the state’s ability to reduce the impacts of wildfires and PSPS events or hurt its ability to provide affordable utility service to low income and vulnerable communities.

The purpose of this workshop is to take a holistic look at the common challenges faced by our customer programs due to the COVID-19 crisis and brainstorm solutions that can be applied widely. The workshop’s scope includes the following industry and program areas: mainstream and low-income energy efficiency, behind-the-meter solar and storage, San Joaquin Valley pilots, residential demand response, transportation electrification, and building decarbonization programs.


Meeting materials:



Please contact Sara Kamins ( with any questions.


Proceeding Notice

This workshop will broadly discuss the CPUC’s customer-oriented clean energy programs. Therefore, the workshop is being noticed to the following list of proceedings that could potentially be discussed:


If workshop participants discuss any open ratesetting proceedings that were not noticed, then any such discussions become ex parte communications, and must be noticed to the open proceeding according to Rule 8.4. One or more Commissioners, Advisors, and Administrative Law Judges may attend, but no official Commission action will be taken at this event.

This notice is issued pursuant to Rule 8.1 of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure which states that an ex parte communication means a written or oral communication that “does not occur in a public hearing, workshop, or other public forum, that has been noticed to the official service list or on the record of the proceeding.”




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