Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division - Reports

CPED Monthly Data Report

The Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division (CPED) collects and resolves consumer informal complaints, enforces laws and regulations governing transportation carriers, and investigates allegations of utility waste, fraud, and abuse. The CPED Monthly Data Report is based on contacts (informal complaints and questions) received by the Consumer Affairs Branch (CAB) and the Transportation Enforcement Branch (TEB) within CPED and presents both annual and monthly data for the communications, energy, water, and transportation industries.  It also presents contact data specifically related to safety concern, by industry.

CPED Monthly Data Report – January 2019

CPED Monthly Data Report – February 2019

CPED Monthly Data Report – March 2019

CPED Monthly Data Report – April 2019    

CPED Monthly Data Report – May 2019


CPED Monthly Activity Report

This report contains information reflecting the month’s activity within each of the three CPED program areas. Information about each program area is collected in seven different sections: (1) Monthly Highlights, (2) Key Activities, (3) Citations/Fines/Refunds, (4) Compliance with Ordering Paragraphs, (5) Docket Activity, (6) Outreach/Training/Other Activities, and (7) Legislation of Interest.  

CPED Monthly Activity Report – January 2019


CPED Reports Archive: 2018,  2017 



The CPUC is providing the consumer contacts statistics contained in these reports for information purposes only.  The data represents a “snapshot in time”; that is, there may be slight variations in numbers reported during different periods due to the dynamic nature of the database and other factors.   

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