Consumer Protection Enforcement Division - Reports

CPED Monthly Activity Reports

This report contains information reflecting the month’s activity within CPED. Information includes: (1) Monthly Highlights, (2) Key Activities, (3) Call and case statistics, (4) Compliance with Ordering Paragraphs, (5) Docket Activity, (6) Outreach/Training/Other Activities, and (7) Legislation of Interest. 


CPED Monthly Activity Report - January 2021

CPED Monthly Activity Report - February 2021

CPED Monthly Activity Report - March 2021

 CPED Reports Archive:

 2020 Reports
 2019 Reports
 2018 Reports
  2017 Reports


The CPUC is providing the consumer contacts statistics contained in these reports for information purposes only.  The data represents a “snapshot in time”; that is, there may be slight variations in numbers reported during different periods due to the dynamic nature of the database and other factors.   

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