San Diego Gas & Electric East County Substation Project

(Application A.09-08-003)

Applicant’s Environmental Document for the Tule Wind Project

Iberdrola Renewables, Inc. prepared an Applicant’s Environmental Document for the Tule Wind Project. This document can be found below.

ES   Executive Summary

1.0   Introductiuon and Summary

2.0   Proposed Action and Alternatives

3.0   Environmental Impact Analysis

3.1   Air Quality
3.2   Aesthetics and Visual Resources
3.3   Agricultural Resources
3.4   Biological Resources
3.5   Cultural and Paleontological Resources
3.6   Energy
3.7   Fire and Fuels Management
3.8   Geology, Minerals, and Soils
3.9   Hazards and Hazardous Materials
3.10   Hydrology and Water Quality
3.11   Land Use and Planning
3.12   Noise
3.13   Population/Housing
3.14   Public Health and Safety
3.15   Public Services and Utilities
3.16   Recreation and Wilderness
3.17   Socioeconomics and Environmental Justice
3.18   Traffic and Transportation

4.0   Other Environmental Considerations

5.0   List of Preparers

6.0   References


Appendix A   Project Parcels and Acreages
Appendix B   Notice of Intent
Appendix C   Notice of Preparation
Appendix D   Public Scoping Materials
Appendix E   Draft Tule Wind Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Assessment
Appendix F   Draft Visual Resources Assessment
Appendix G   Draft Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation Report
Appendix H   Interim Draft Biological Technical Report
Appendix I   Draft Cultural Resources Report
Appendix J   Fire Protection Plan
Appendix K   Draft Geological Hazards Assessment
Appendix L   Draft Geotechnical Desktop Study
Appendix M   County Hazards Research Within the Project Area
Appendix N   County Hazards Research in Surrounding Area
Appendix O   Tule Wind Project Hydrology Reports
Appendix P   Draft Noise Report
Appendix Q   EMF Calculations for 138 kV and 34.5 kV Collector Lines
Appendix R   Draft Tule Wind Project Traffic Impact Study

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