San Diego Gas & Electric East County Substation Project

(Application A.09-08-003)

Scoping Report

1.0   Overview of CEQA/NEPA Scoping Process

2.0   Summary of Proposed Projects

3.0   Summary of Scoping Comments

4.0   Summary of Future Steps in the Planning Process

5.0   References Cited


A    Notices

A-1  Notice of Preparation (posted December 28, 2009)

A-2  Notice of Intent (published in the Federal Register on December 29, 2009)

B    Public Notice

B-1  Public Notice (December 28, 2009)

B-2  Public Notice (BLM, December 29, 2009)

C    Scoping Meeting Materials

C-1  Meeting Agenda

C-2  Written Comment Form

C-3  Speaker Registration Card

C-4  Scoping Meeting Presentation

D    Scoping Meeting Sign-in Sheets and Speaker Cards

D-1  January 27, 2010 Scoping Meeting Sign-in Sheet and Completed Speaker Registration Cards

D-2  January 28, 2010 Scoping Meeting Sign-in Sheet and Completed Speaker Registration Cards

E    Transcript from Scoping Meeting January 27, 2010, Jacumba, California

F    Transcript from Scoping Meeting January 28, 2010, Boulevard, California

G    Comments Received During Scoping Period

Volume 1, Comments from Agencies and Organizations

Volume 2, Comments from Individuals, Native Americans, and Late Comments

Volume 3 (addendum- June 2010; Jan 2011), Comment letters from Defenders of Wildlife and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


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