Cell Phone Plans Comparison of the Four Approved Federal Lifeline Wireless Service Providers


There are four approved service providers in California that can offer the federal Lifeline wireless phone service discounts. These four wireless service providers are Cricket Communications, Inc. (Cricket), Nexus Communications, Inc. (Nexus), Telscape Communications, Inc. (Telscape), and Virgin Mobile USA, L.P. (Virgin Mobile). Nexus calls its federal Lifeline service as ReachOut Wireless while Virgin Mobile uses the product name, Assurance Wireless.

The Federal Communications Commission allows service providers to use the federal funding for the federal Lifeline program on various phone service pricing options. Each of the federal Lifeline wireless service providers in California has different service offerings. Calling features and contractual arrangements will also differ. To learn about the cell phone plans in general, click on the Cell Phone Plans Comparison Chart.

Consumers need to contact Cricket, Nexus, Telscape, or Virgin Mobile to learn more about their federal Lifeline wireless phone plans. Contact any of the four federal Lifeline wireless service providers at the following toll-free numbers:


Cricket Communications, Inc. 800-975-3708
Nexus Communications, Inc. (ReachOut Wireless) 877-777-1914
Virgin Mobile USA, L.P. (Assurance Wireless) 888-898-4888
Telscape Communications, Inc. 800-835-7227


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Only one discount per household for each residential address is allowed. Each household must choose to get the discount either on a home phone or on a cell phone, but not on both. Households cannot get the discount from multiple phone companies. Households that do not follow the one discount per household rule will lose their discounts. 

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