Staff Concept Paper on Integrated Resource Planning

On August 11, 2016, CPUC Staff released a Concept Paper on Integrated Resource Planning. The purpose of this paper is to: 

     •           Serve as a high-level, preliminary concept piece that informs the development of a draft staff proposal on IRP (to be issued in December 2016). 

     •           Propose a set of guiding principles for developing an IRP process at the CPUC. 

     •           Identify the essential elements, and underlying terminology, that the IRP process at the CPUC must include, as well as the primary options for implementing the process. 

     •           Solicit feedback on key conceptual issues related to the IRP process. 

CPUC Staff are requesting informal written pre-workshop comments from parties on the paper by 5pm PDT on Wednesday, August 31st. Instructions for preparing and submitting informal comments are provided below. 

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Informal Comments

Party comments should address each question presented in the Staff Concept Paper. It is not necessary to reproduce the question, but responses should be numbered to match the questions addressed. Parties may also identify and comment on issues that are not addressed in the questions set out in the Staff Paper. Commenters doing so should clearly identify and explain the relevance of the additional issue(s). Lastly, comments should be as specific and precise as possible. Legal arguments should be supported with specific citations. Where appropriate and useful, quantitative examples should be provided. 

 The same rules that apply to submitting formal comments in this proceeding apply to the informal comments submitted in response to this paper, with the following exceptions: 

     1.         Electronic copies should be distributed to the entire service list (R.16-02-007), but not filed.

     2.         Hard copies should not be submitted.

     3.         Certificate of service is not required. 

For more information about the paper, please contact: Jason Ortego or Forest Kaser. 



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