Fingerprint Requirements For ESPs

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in D.99-05-034, Ordering Paragraph 6 adopted fingerprint requirements for Electric Service Providers (ESPs).

Who is to be fingerprinted?

  1. If a sole proprietorship, the registrant;
  2. If a partnership, all general partners;
  3. If a corporation, all corporate officers; or
  4. If a limited liability company, all members, managers and officers

What is the procedure?

Beginning July 1, 2005, all ESP fingerprint submissions must be transmitted electronically. Individuals required to be printed must bring a Request For Live Scan Service Form to a Live Scan site. Individuals not living in California or who do not have access to Live Scan services may apply for an exemption and submit fingerprint cards (two FD-258 cards per person printed) with a completed exemption form.

  • Visit the Attorney General's website at to obtain a list of Live Scan sites or the exemption form.
  • Request the Live Scan forms and fingerprint cards either by phone at (415)703-3779 or via email at Include in your request:
    1. Whether you request fingerprint cards or Live Scan form,
    2. Names of individuals to scan or fingerprint,
    3. Mailing address, and
    4. Contact information in case we have a question about your request.
  • Return the second copy of the live scan application with your registration materials to show that fingerprint were scanned.
  • If exempt, return fingerprint cards (2 per person printed) with a completed exemption form.

Please note: 

Fingerprint services shall be performed by a law enforcement agency, or other person which is qualified to provide fingerprint services. A person shall be deemed qualified if he or she has completed a course of instruction in the taking of fingerprints from a law enforcement agency or a college or university. The ESP registrant shall also provide the name and address of the entity or person which provided the fingerprint services, and the date on which the service was provided. See item 21 on the registration application form.

Failure to provide fingerprints for required personnel can result in suspension of the ESP registration number.

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