Providing Comments to the CPUC

The CPUC wants to hear from you! We encourage comments from the public on issues and proceedings to help us reach informed decisions.

There are four ways to provide comments to the CPUC:

  1. Submit Comments via Online Form: You can submit comments* directly on the CPUC’s website about proceedings, as well as review the comments of others.

    Steps to Submit Comments via the Online Form:
    • Search for a specific proceeding on the CPUC’s Docket Card
    • Type keyword(s) or a proceeding number in the search box
    • Click the “Search” button
    • Click the appropriate proceeding for which you want to comment
    • Click the “Public Comments” tab on the top navigation bar
    • Click the “Add Public Comment” button
    • Complete the mandatory fields in the submission box
    • Click the “Submit” button

      *The format is only for comments on proceedings from members of the public. Parties to a proceeding must still formally file comments (
    Guidelines for Submitting Comments via Online Form:
    • There is a 4,000 word/2-page limit for each comment.
    • When a comment is received, it becomes public record and will be made available to the public on the CPUC’s website. However, there is an option to make your comment private.
    • You must include your first name, last name, city, state, zip code, and email address. This information, excluding your email address, will be publicly displayed on the CPUC’s website with your comment unless you chose to make your comment private.
      Parties to CPUC proceedings may, but are not required to, respond to written comments received from the public (see Public Utilities Code section 1701.1(g)). Parties may do so by posting such response using the “Add Public Comment” button on the “Public Comment” tab of the docket card for the proceeding.
  2. Write to us: If you are unable to submit your comment via our Docket Card, you can send us a letter with you comments on any regulatory topic, known as our “proceedings.” Your comments will be shared with decision-makers. If you have the proceeding number for the matter you are writing about, please include it in your correspondence. If you do not have the proceeding number, please provide the utility company name and any other relevant details.

    Address: California Public Utilities Commission
    Public Advisor's Office
    505 Van Ness Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94102

  3. Attend a CPUC Event: The CPUC often holds public forums, hearings, and workshops on matters that impact consumers. We require utilities to let consumers know about upcoming public hearings through notices in your bills. And, you can always check the CPUC’s Daily Calendar and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn about certain events. Attend an event to voice your thoughts and perspectives!

  4.  Speak at a Voting Meeting: You can attend a Voting Meeting to provide comment in-person before the CPUC's Commissioners. 



Questions? Contact Public Advisor’s Office

  • Telephone: 1-866-849-8390
  • Email:  
  • Address: CPUC Public Advisor's Office, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102

Fact Sheet on Providing Comments to the CPUC 

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