DR Programs

There are DR programs for all types of customers, whether residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial.  Each program contains some form of incentive for the customer to reduce their electricity consumption during certain hours, called “events”.  During these events customers are asked, or are remotely signaled, to reduce their electricity consumption for reasons such as high energy prices and/or when system reliability is threatened.  In the future, customers may also be asked to increase their electricity consumption during certain events.


Customers are notified of events through a variety of means – text, email, phone – and incentives can come in the form of a cash payment, bill credit, price signal, or other means.  Customers can also receive enhanced incentives for allowing DR-enabling technology to be installed at their location. 


Some DR programs are managed by utilities like PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E, but independent commercial entities, known as “aggregators” or “DR providers”, also offer their own DR services and programs. 


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