Be a Voice for Safety:
Opportunities with the Office of the Safety Advocate

The CPUC’s newest division, the Office of the Safety Advocate (OSA), is looking for engineers and policy analysts dedicated to advocating for safety in public utility operations and recommending improvements to the utilities’ and the CPUC’s own safety management policies, with a long term goal of transforming the CPUC’s safety culture. 

This new unit was created in response to Senate Bill 62, signed by the Governor in September 2016, which directs OSA to:

1)   Advocate for public safety, and the transparency of safety information;
2)   Recommend improvements to the CPUC’s safety management policies and  
       safety culture; and,
3)   Inform the official record through participation in CPUC proceedings on safety
       risks, and assist the CPUC in holding utilities accountable for safe

The roles and responsibilities of this new unit are unprecedented, and the work will offer unique and challenging opportunities to staff.  OSA will be specifically dedicated to advocating for safety in CPUC formal proceedings and providing a new voice for safety in addition to the expertise of the CPUC’s current Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) and Office of Ratepayer Advocates (ORA).  The newly formed OSA is intended to critically examine utility safety policies, programs, risks, and expenditures and participate in an advocacy role in general rate and infrastructure proceedings, Rulemakings, and other policy proceedings impacting public safety.  OSA also intends to work collaboratively with all CPUC Divisions to recommend improvements to the agency’s safety management policies and procedures. 

OSA is seeking high-level engineers and policy analysts with excellent technical experience, research skills, and knowledge of utility infrastructure.  OSA staff will be expected to: critically assess utility safety management systems and processes; formulate recommendations for improvements; work in both team and individual settings; and have superior oral and written communication skills. 

Engineer and policy analyst opportunities may be found here: Job Opportunity bulletins. Promotional, lateral, and external candidates may be considered. These positions may be located in San Francisco, Sacramento or Los Angeles. The Job Opportunity bulletins will include specific experience and qualifications. 

Applicants may find more information on exams and job openings here:

To become "list eligible" for consideration, interested candidates must successfully pass a civil service exam.   Engineer applicants should note that the Senior Utilities Engineer* examination is administered quarterly.

* Applicants must possess a valid certificate of registration as an engineer issued by the California State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers.

Policy analyst applicants (Public Utility Regulatory Analysts V) may find more information on examinations here:

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