Topics of Frequent Interest

The CPUC ensures the provision of safe, reliable utility service and infrastructure through the regulation of privately owned electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, railroad, rail transit, and passenger transportation companies. On this page you will find links to topics of frequent interest.


●       2017 Wildfires

●       SoCalGas Customers Impacted by Montecito Mudslides

●       Save Gas This Winter

●       Integrated Resource Plan and Long Term Procurement Plan (IRP-LTPP)

●       Implementation of the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015 (SB 350)

●       Electric Rates

●       Customer Energy Resources (Alternative Fueled Vehicles, Net Energy Metering, Self-Generation Incentive Program, Energy Efficiency, etc.)

●       Community Choice Aggregation

●       Aliso Canyon

●       Energy Storage

●       Renewables Portfolio Standard

●       Nuclear Power (Diablo Canyon, San Onofre)

●       Disadvantaged Communities

●       Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

●       Tree Trimming

●       Cooling Centers



●       July 2018: Scenic Highways - The CPUC's Role in Granting Deviations to Public Utilities Code Section 320

●       Area Codes

●       California LifeLine

●       California Advanced Services Fund

●       Broadband Availability Public Feedback



●       Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)

●       Search for Licensed Passenger Carriers and Moving Companies

●       Oil by Rail

●       High-Speed Rail

●       Rail Transit Safety and Security Reviews

●       Quite Zones



●       List of Water Companies Regulated by the CPUC

●       Water Conservation

●       Water Assistance Programs



●       Utility Pole Safety 

●       File a Complaint

●       Subscribe to/Track Proceedings

●       How to Become a Party to a Proceeding

●       Make Comment to the CPUC

●       Find a Document

●       Meetings and Events

●       Voting Meetings

●       Commissioner Committee Meetings

●       Reports to the Legislature

●       Safety Policy and Action Plans

●       Strategic Planning initiative

●       Communications With Interested Parties Log

●       Jobs

●       Public Records Act Requests


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