CHANGES Program Evaluation


The CHANGES (Community help and Awareness of Natural Gas and Electricity Services) program evaluation focuses on the benefits and cost-effectiveness of CHANGES services delivered to consumers. An evaluation of the CHANGES program was ordered in CPUC Decision 15-12-047. This includes an analysis of the four primary elements of the program: outreach, education, needs assistance, and dispute resolution.

Level 4 Ventures, an independent third-party organization, is the contracted program evaluator. The CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office oversees the evaluation, with advisory support from the CPUC’s Energy Division.

The purpose of the CHANGES program is to respond to the needs and concerns of limited English proficient (LEP) consumers regarding the energy services (electricity and natural gas) they receive. This program supports consumers by helping them to better understand their own usage, charges, risks (financial and safety-wise) to avoid, and ensures they have assistance when facing adverse situations, such as falling behind on their bills or being wrongfully disconnected. CHANGES provides in-language services, such as outreach, education (on a range of issues such as billing and usage), needs assistance, and dispute resolution services to LEP consumers. The program also supports seniors.

Final CHANGES Evaluation Report

Draft Research Plan

The Draft Research Plan provides a description of research objectives, data collection and management plan, data sampling plan, data analysis plan, and outline of work schedule broken down into tasks and milestones. This research plan, in accordance with the California Energy Efficiency Evaluation Protocols, was developed by the evaluator, and edited and finalized by the CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office and Energy Division.

Webinar Information

We held a webinar on September 6, 2018, to discuss the draft research plan, answer questions, and take comments, as stakeholder and public input is critical to the success of this evaluation. The agenda is available at: Agenda.

Listen to the webinar archive.

If you were unable to join the webinar, but would like to provide feedback regarding the Draft Research Plan, please email with a copy to


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