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TE Section Supervisor


Sara Kamins

PG&E EV Charge Network Pilot
SCE Charge Ready and Charge Ready Phase 2 (A.18-06-015)
SDG&E Power Your Drive Pilot
Low Carbon Fuel Standard
NRG Settlement
SB 350 TE Program Implementation

 Audrey Neuman

Vehicle-Grid Integration/ SB 676 (Bradford, 2019) Implementation
Transportation Electrification Framework

Ed Pike

AB 1082/1083 (Burke, 2017) Implementation
PG&E Empower EV Implementation
SDG&E Power Your Drive Extension (A.19-10-012)
ZEV Rate Design 

Michael Truax
Data Collection and Program Evaluation
SB 1000 (Lara, 2018) Implementation


 Sulekha Chattopadhyay

Immigration Guide