November 13, 2018 Written Comments on Draft Gap Analysis and Choice Action Plan

Stakeholder participation represents an essential component of preparing the final version of the recommendations. On Tuesday, November 13, 2018 stakeholders submitted written comments that are posted below.

Form of written comments: To facilitate review of the stakeholder written submittals, the Project Team requested using the following structure:

  1. If there is a specific category or topic in the Draft Gap Analysis/Choice Action Plan for comment, refer specifically to the section.
  2. If you have an alternate recommendation(s), provide the rationale and redlined language on the recommendations (the same process as with Proposed Decisions). There is a summary chart of all recommendations that can be used as a template. The redlined recommendations will not count toward the page limit.

Since comments were sent directly to the California Customer Choice team and are being made publicly available at the same time, under Rule 8.2(c)(3)(A) of the CPUC's Rules of Practice and Procedure, this public posting will satisfy the need to avoid each individual party to have to separately notice any implicated proceedings.

Please contact with any questions.

Written Comments on Draft Gap Analysis and Choice Action Plan are posted below.

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