Passenger Carriers

Passenger carriers (limousines, airport shuttles, charter and scheduled bus operators, and others) obtain permits or certificates after providing financial responsibility and safety information to the PUC, including evidence of liability insurance and a California Highway Patrol safety inspection.  

See the Limos, Shuttles, and Buses: Consumer Information Center.

Before You Hire A Company!

Search through our list of passenger carriers (list also includes moving companies, vessel carriers and private carriers) to determine whether the company has an operating permit with us and whether it is insured, the headquarters of the company, and more!

Problem With The Company You Hired?

If you have a billing, service, or safety problem with a “passenger carrier,” and talking with the carrier does not resolve the problem, you can file a complaint with the CPUC. For more information and detailed instructions for filing a complaint, please see our Limo, Shuttle, or Bus Complaint web page.

Need Information on Starting or Operating a Passenger Carrier?

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