The Intervenor Compensation Program  


The Intervenor Compensation Program Guide and Forms have been revised to incorporate changes resulting from the enactment of Senate Bill 512.  Effective April 4, 2017, Intervenors must submit notices of intent to claim compensation and requests for compensation awards on the updated forms.

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The California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) is responsible for assuring that California utility customers have safe, reliable utility service at reasonable rates, for protecting utility customers from fraud, and for promoting the health of California’s economy. As a public agency, the Commission depends on input, questions, and feedback from the general public. By hearing from different perspectives, the Commission is better able to make informed decisions that consider the impact of utility costs and services on all Californians. The California Public Utilities Code allows qualified parties in proceedings before the Commission to request compensation for their participation (allowable fees and costs). The Intervenor Compensation Program is intended to ensure that individuals and groups that represent residential or small commercial electric utility customers have the financial resources to bring their concerns and interests to the Commission during formal proceedings. Please refer to the Intervenor Compensation Program Guide for specific inquiries on how to participate in the program.       

Intervenor Compensation Program Guide

Forms to Formally File

REMINDER: In order to timely process your NOTICE OF INTENT and/or CLAIM please send a WORD version  to as soon as you file and serve your documents.

Notice of Intent  

  • Notice of Intent (NOI) must be filed and served within 30 days after the Prehearing Conference is held; OR in cases when no Prehearing Conference is scheduled, at the date determined by the presiding Administrative Law Judge.

Intervenor Compensation Claim 

  • Intervenor Compensation Claim must be filed within 60 days after a decision closing a proceeding is issued, except in limited circumstances.


  • An excel timesheet, documenting all claimed hours must be filed with an Intervenor Compensation Claim in order to be considered complete.


REMINDER: In order to timely process your NOI and/or CLAIM please send a WORD version  to as soon as you file and serve your documents.

Program Reports

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The California State Auditor audited the Intervenor Compensation Program in 2012.  Findings of the audit were released by the State Auditor in July 2013.

California State Audit Report

Intervenor Hourly Rate Information

Market Rate Study

In response to a finding of the State Auditor, the Intervenor Compensation Program completed a Market Rate Study.  The Market Rate Study Final Report establishes new intervenor role classifications, a comprehensive description of each classification, and new rate ranges for each classification. The below spreadsheet provides new hourly rate ranges for various occupational types - legal, experts, and advocates - based an intervenor's level of experience ranging from entry level to senior personnel.

Intervenor Compensation Market Rate Study Final Report

Hourly Rate Chart (To Be Effective January 1, 2021) 


Hourly Rates Prior to 2021

The hourly rate table below provides information on previously adopted Intervenor hourly rates prior to January 1, 2021.  For edits or questions regarding the rate table please e-mail

Hourly Rate Chart (Pre-2021 Adopted Rates)


Rate Resolutions 

The Intervenor Compensation Program adopts an annual resolution which establishes cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) to update hourly rates in compensation awards.

Decisions Addressing Rate Setting Guidelines


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Decisions Addressing Intervenor Compensation Program History

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  • Important guidelines for Intervenors seeking compensation

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