The staff from the four investor-owned utilities and Commission staff collaboratively developed guidance documents for the custom projects review.  These guidance documents provide details on the Commission’s policies and procedures to be utilized in the development of expected values for custom projects/measures. 

  • CPUC Staff Selection and Response Timing Protocol For Energy Efficiency Custom Projects Review - This protocol's document covers the timing of communication on custom project document review and feedback between Program Administrators and CPUC staff. The purpose of this process/agreement document is to meet the 30-day review period once the CPUC receives a complete energy efficiency custom project packet per Public Utilities Code 381.2 (Senate Bill 1131)  
  • Energy Efficiency Savings Eligibility at Sites with non-IOU Supplied Energy Sources - Guidance Documen
  • Statewide Custom Project Guidance Document, version 1.3 dated September 30, 2020 (clean)
  • Statewide Project Feasibility Study template, version 1.0 
  • Statewide Post Installation Report template, version 1.0
  • Industry Standard Practice, version 3.0
    • The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for the concept and processes involved with establish and implementing an Industry Standard Practice (ISP)  study which is used in calculating the energy savings from custom energy efficiency projects.  The guide incorporates relevant California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) policies and program rules.  It includes concepts, definitions, and factors affecting the ISP determination of technologies, purpose, types, and applicability of an ISP study, and processes for developing and implementing an ISP study.  The outcomes of ISP studies can support energy efficiency technical workpapers and custom projects.  This guidance document is applicable to all California ratepayer-funder energy efficiency program administrators (PAs), implementers, and other stakeholders.  The ISP concepts and processes described herein apply to the portfolio of energy efficiency programs overseen by the CPUC.
  • Project basis as Early Retirement (ER)/Replace-on-burnout (ROB)/Normal Replacement (NR)/New Construction (NC)/Add-on Retrofit (Ret) and remaining/Effective useful Life (RUL/EUL), and Preponderance of evidence
  • Custom Measure Review Large Projects Recommended Communication Practice
    • This document was developed by the Custom Projects Review Stakeholders Engagement Group's Large Projects Subgroup.  This Subgroup includes volunteer participants from energy efficiency (EE) program administrators, 3rd party program implementers and CPUC staff.  The primary goal of this proposed Communications Practice for Large EE Projects (Expected incentive greater than $100,000) is to facilitate the Custom Measure Review Process and promote understanding of project parameters between Implementers, PA/Reviewers and Commission Staff ("CS")/Consultants to identify key issues early in the review cycle.  This will likely reduce the back and forth between Implementers and Reviewers, thereby reducing total review time.  These communications are intended to be informal and not result in additional time delays in the formal PA or CPUC staff project review processes.
  • Program Administrator's (PA) Pre-Installation Custom Project Review Process Map and Timeline
    • The process described in this document is not binding on parties and is intended as an informational guide to stakeholders - including PAs, Implementers, and customers - on the timeline and steps taken during the  PA's Pre-Installation Custom Project Review Process.  The expected due dates desribed in this document are non-binding to strive for due dates.  The suggested practice is to inform/update each other should any delays may arise. 

Utilities’ prepared abstracts of Commission Staff issued Custom Projects Review findings dispositions and industry standard practice research results.