CPUC's Direct Access program (D97-05-040) requires California's investor-owned utilities to submit monthly reports about the previous month's activities for Direct Access implementation. Each month's report is due by the 15th day of the next month and reports the following:

  1. Number of Direct Access requests received
  2. Number of requests processed
  3. Number of customers switched to Direct Access
  4. Number of customers switching Direct Access providers
  5. Breakdown of the above data by customer class
  6. Average backlog of requests for that month
  7. Number of customers requesting to return to their original utility's service from Direct Access

Current DA Reports

2021 Direct Access Lottery Enrollment Report

Statewide Direct Access Load Graph

Direct Access Implementation Activity Reports

2022 Reporting Period

Statewide Market Summary Reports

Summary Reports

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2021 Reporting Period

Statewide Market Summary Reports

Summary Reports

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