Priority Areas Overview

The Federal Funding Account, administered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), provides $2 billion in grants for last mile broadband infrastructure projects to connect unserved and underserved Californians. In Decision 22-04-055, the CPUC directed the creation of priority areas.

Each priority area was designed to support a sustainable business case for applicants based on network engineering design and modeling. The priority areas were developed with the most granular data available when program rules were adopted and will be updated as new data becomes available. Learn more about the development of the priority areas with these resources:

Priority Areas Portal

The Priority Areas Portal includes an interactive map that shows the priority areas developed for the Federal Funding Account. The priority areas published in this release are a subset of all the eligible unserved areas in the State.

Priority Areas Public Feedback

Members of the public, including public entities and communications providers, are welcome to contribute feedback on the priority areas. Public comments can be made directly on the map by clicking on an area, then clicking on the "Add Comment" button, and filling out and submitting the feedback form. 

What’s Next?

The CPUC will provide information regarding the Federal Funding Account application process, important dates, and additional mapping tools. The CPUC will release an application tool that will allow applicants to select unserved locations and priority areas for funding and submit the project area to the CPUC as part of their grant application.

More Information


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