The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) uses Safety and Operational Metrics (SOMs) to enhance regulatory oversight and enforcement of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to ensure they are improving risk mitigation and monitoring safety performance. The SOMs are used to systemically evaluate PG&E’s operational safety performance and to further implement the Enhanced Oversight and Enforcement Process imposed upon PG&E by the CPUC as a condition of approving PG&E’s bankruptcy reorganization plan. These efforts seek to promote the highest safety performance of IOUs providing safe and reliable electric service to Californians.

SOMs include 32 metrics to monitor PG&E’s electric (wildfire) safety, electric reliability, and natural gas safety. PG&E must file biannual reports with the CPUC that include historical data for each metric, a narrative description of progress on each metric towards proposed targets, and a description of current and future activities to meet the proposed targets. The metrics include tracking specific safety-related inspections and incidences within areas and communities highly threatened by wildfire, tracking the frequency and duration of electric power disruptions, and tracking serious injuries and fatalities of members of the public, PG&E employees, and contractors.

Engineers and analysts at the CPUC use qualitative and quantitative techniques to assess each metric's current data and historical trends. Such data evaluation can identify safety incidences or outcomes that deviate from positive performance trends and better inform the commission's inspections, compliance audits, possible investigations, and enforcement actions.

The Enhanced Oversight and Enforcement Process for PG&E is a transparent, six-step enforcement framework established by the CPUC with escalating enforcement actions at each step. These steps are triggered by specific findings or events, including failure to make sufficient progress on Safety and Operational Metrics. In April 2020, the CPUC placed PG&E into step one of the Enhanced Oversight and Enforcement Process based on the company’s failure to sufficiently prioritize clearing vegetation on its highest-risk power lines as part of its wildfire mitigation work in 2020.

SOMs Reports submitted by PG&E to the CPUC can be found here: